High quality supplies

International Wholesale Supply

From November 2018 till May 2021, wide range of products from international markets are supplied to 60 local clients by fulfilling 139 contracts in a timely, proficient, safe manner and on agreed terms. These international wholesale supplies are carried out by fulfilling 110 contracts with 24 international companies, most of them are original manufacturers.

The range of products include, but are not limited to:

Vehicle Spare Parts and Consumables (car batteries, car and vehicle wheels, engine oil, spare parts)

Consumer Electronics and Appliances (cell phones, watches, earphones)

Construction Materials and Furniture (aluminum doors and windows and supplies, timber and other construction materials)

Short-lived food products (milk products, shiver, margarine butter, legumes and nuts, sugar, etc)

High-Pressure and Electric Equipment

Industrial Electronics and Spares (voltage, electrical and multifunctional relays)